About Our Company


The Company, formed in 2001 by Jeff Lindbeck, is dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing quality tile work at a fair price. We have a long-standing expertise in the tile installation field and Jeff Lindbeck has over 30 years of hands on experience, coupled with a real passion for tile and quality workmanship. Training and education in the various aspects of trade industry standards has continued up to the current day and is kept fresh and current. We have worked with many customers over the years with a wide variety of requirements and we take pride in listening to what our customers want and delivering it to them in an expert, courteous, neat and reliable manner. We will come and give you a free no-obligation  quote at your request.

Call us on 07708712071 or   01427 629 169 today.

Email us:   jefflindbeckexperttiling2015@gmail.com